Live and Interactive Online Workshop

MFAA / FBAA Approved 3 CPD Hours


James Veigli and Ash Playsted help mortgage brokers around Australia and New Zealand break $100M a year in loans, easier and faster, since 2008.


  • AWARD WINNING support service.
  • BILLIONS added to broker books.
  • 50+ BROKERS @ $100M+ run-rate.
  • PROVEN PLAN any broker can follow.
  • 100% BUILT by and for brokers.
  • THOUSANDS of hours coaching.
  • REAL SUCCESS stories in 6+ countries.


  • The $100M Blueprint

    That our clients across Australia and New Zealand are using right now to double, triple and even 10X their loan volume... working less.
  • The 5 Traps

    That prevent 99.9% of brokers from building a $100M+ mortgage business that runs without them. You must know these so you can escape (or prevent) them.
  • The 10X Formula

    That will map out your financial goals and reverse-engineer how to achieve them (this is surprisingly simple, but the most powerful thing all brokers must do).
  • The 10X Model

    Most brokers have the WRONG business model, are trapped, and can't grow. We will show you the most effective way to build your mortgage business team.
  • The 10X Plan

    This is the project blueprint you need to follow to break $100M. It is the secret playbook responsible for mortgage brokers around the world growing by up to 1,000%.

    Revealed during the live workshop, designed by industry leaders James Veigli and Ash Playsted, that will transform the way you think, act and build your mortgage business.



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  • You are your business

    If you step away, it stops or breaks. You are trapped. If you take a holiday, it's not real because you take your phone, laptop and work with you. You've never found a way to scale the business without working harder.
  • You have zero time

    You're running around chasing deals, referral partners, clients, managing the team, going networking, business admin... the list is endless. You want to grow but don't know how it's possible when you already have no time.
  • Your settlements are up and down

    $1M, $5M, $2M, $4M, Etc. Like a Yo-Yo. You have good clients and partners, but lead flow is inconsistent. You haven't worked out how to generate a consistent flow of quality new business on demand.
  • You've tried everything

    Networking, buying leads, marketing funnels, installing tech, changing aggregators, attending PD days, schmoozing referral partners or posting on social media. It didn't work, because you are missing one key piece.
  • You want more

    You see other brokers writing more loans than you. You wonder how they are building their businesses faster and achieving more than you. If you don't do something different, you'll continue to get the same results.
  • You want a smarter way

    The ultimate goal is a mortgage business that gives you financial certainty and absolute choice. There's no point trying to figure it all out yourself, when there is a smarter way here that will help you accelerate.

The good news!

You're not alone. In fact all mortgage brokers, regardless of their level of success or experience... are in the same boat.

But... you now have a choice...

You can continue what you're doing. The same strategies. The same conversations at PD days and industry events. The same ups and downs. The same results.

Or... you can attend this workshop and get a smarter plan to grow your mortgage business easier and faster. Smarter strategies. Next level results.


Nicole Cannon: a broker for 19 years, was stuck and unable to propel her business forward. Within 9 months of following our advice she was lodging $10M+ each month.

Ben White: grew his business year-on-year by 60%, 110%, and then 180%. His business is now more bulletproof, able to handle growth, and provides a 6-star service to clients.

Tim Cavanagh: and his business partner went from struggling to grow, to achieving a 300% increase in results in just 18 months, and are now ready to scale big.

Nathan Massie: was in the up-and-down cycle of being too busy, then too quiet. Within 12 months he went from 1-2 deals to consistently writing 15-20 deals every month.

David and Helen Fraserwithin two years went from $2M-$3M to consistently average $10-12M per month, using the right strategies and support.

Stuart Bayliss: a long time broker, was doubtful work-life balance was possible. He now has two team members, he is no longer on call 24/7, and business consistently rolls in.

Sam Panetta: within 12-months transformed his business model into a 1-touch delivery system, that runs (and continues to grow) with or without him.

Nigel Pritchard: was doing everything and working 100 hours a week. Within 12-months he doubled loan volume, built a solid team, and works half the time.

Parth Shah: within 9 months of joining 10X, Parth increased volume 200% and cut work hours 25%. He now writes $7-9M+ a month and has also become an MPA Top 100 Broker.

Chris Gillis and JJ Fiasson: have taken their business from averaging $2M to now writing $20M+ per month in less time.

Domarina Pireh: is working less, is relaxed, and has doubled her business. With systems in place she now has time to work on growth and maximise her output.

Paul Zahra: tripled revenue and doubled profit, by creating a clear strategy to attract his target clients and build his brand, reputation and referral partnerships.

Stephen McClatchie: an MPA Top 10 broker whose settlements jumped 30% in just 12-months, and is now building his team to hit $200M+.

Jeff Kerwin: in just 6-months hit every target towards what he thought was an "unachievable" goal set before getting our help.

Adil Rahman: went from closing 2-3 deals a month to closing 15-20 deals every month in just 2-years. That's a 1000% increase, and proof what is possible.

Richard Khuong and Janey Gu: built their ideal business in just 3-years. From $1.5M to $15M+ a month in loans, with work-life balance for their young family.

Chris Godwin: transformed his business from chaotic and unpredictable, to structured with inflow systems and a team that now drives consistent results.

Todd and Lischelle Franzway: were working long hours, unable to take family holidays. Now they have doubled their volume while gaining back precious time with their family.

Aaron Whybrow: almost tripled his submissions in just 6-months using our advice. He started a 40-strong BNI group from scratch to boost referrals.

Alex McRae: owns 3 x ANZ Mobile Lending Franchises. We helped him generate consistent high volumes with less staff, and more effectively.

Beryl Colley: from old-school to implementing a fully online and automated marketing and client follow-up system in a matter of months using these strategies.  

John, Ross and David: all loved the open, trusting community, plus learning new strategies and tactics. Seems like we can teach old dogs new tricks!



James is the Founder and CEO of Broker Ideas Group, since 2008. He has been in the mortgage and finance industry for over 20 years.

He is a prolific creator of tools and training for the mortgage industry; including The $100M Blueprint, THE10XBROKER, Accelerate, Connect, and is co-host of the Mortgage Broker Acceleration podcast.

James is known internationally for helping mortgage professionals double, triple and even 10X their commissions, in record time, while building a business that works with or without them.


Ash is a mortgage industry veteran of over 35 years. He has written thousands of loans, hired dozens of brokers, setup large partnerships, built and exited multiple mortgage businesses.

In short: he's been there and done that.

He is a master of mortgage business, strategy and mindset, and has the real-world experience to help mortgage professionals and business owners reach that next level.

Ash is the Strategic Advisor in THE10XBROKER, guiding ambitious mortgage professionals to 10X results.


  • Will The $100M Blueprint work for me?

Yes - but with one important caveat. You must take action, continue to learn and implement the strategies in your business. This is not a magic pill or quick fix.

  • Does the blueprint work in ANY country?

We are based in Australia and have worked with mortgage businesses internationally since 2008. This workshop is relevant for brokers in Australia and New Zealand.

  • How does this online workshop work?

This is a live and interactive online workshop, run using Zoom video conference. You will receive a unique access link via email, plus an Express Post package (Australia only) including all the worksheets and tools needed to maximise the workshop. During the live workshop, you will be able to interact with James and Ash.

  • Can my business partner attend too?

Yes. Business partners or key people involved with strategy, planning and the direction of your business should attend. Each ticket includes access for one person. Please purchase additional tickets for business partners.

  • My business is already at $100M. Should I attend?

Our Blueprint works for any mortgage business. We work with brokers and broker-businesses ranging from $20M to $200M+ in annual settlements. Regardless of your current volume, this will 100% add huge value to your business.

  • Will I learn anything, or is this just a sales pitch?

There is nothing for sale at this workshop. This workshop is 100% high-value content that will give you clarity on exactly what you need to do to hit your goals. You'll build your Formula, Model and identify your Plan of attack.

  • What time does the workshop start and finish?

The live workshop room will open at 9:45 AM, and we will kick-off at 10:00 AM sharp. We will finish by 2:00 PM. All times are in Sydney, Australia time.

  • What if I buy a ticket and cannot attend?

If you cannot attend or miss the event, you will have access to a full replay of the event.

  • How is the day structured?

The workshop is split into three sections, with thinking and implementation time, plus short breaks. There are no boring PowerPoint slides. Instead we reveal the worksheets live on screen and complete them together step-by-step.

  • Is this mostly theory or practical?

You will complete practical exercises on the day, walking away with a clear Formula, Model and Plan to follow. We only teach proven strategies that are working right now for our members.

  • Is this a multi-speaker event?

No! The last thing you need is another multi-speaker event, full of top-brokers and out-of-industry guru's... that give you some tips but nothing concrete. This event is 100% delivered by James Veigli and Ash Playsted, who are the secret weapons behind some of the fastest growing mortgage businesses around the world. 

  • Why isn't this workshop free?

Because this workshop includes our key IP and the proven Formula, Model and Plan templates that are normally only available to our paying members.

  • Can I purchase a ticket over the phone?

Yes. Give the Broker Ideas Group team a call on +61 3 8362 3357 and we'll get you booked in (please leave a message if the line is busy and we'll call you back). We work on Sydney, Australia time.

  • What's included in the ticket price?

Full online access to the Live Workshop, including printed worksheets and tools posted to you. A full replay of the event. 3 CPD Hours... and more.

  • Is this workshop approved for CPD Hours?

Yes, this workshop is approved for 3 CPD Hours by both the MFAA and FBAA. We'll send you the codes via email after the event.

  • What if I have another question?

Please get in touch and we are happy to answer any and all questions you have. You can phone +61 3 8362 3357 or email support@brokerideasgroup.com.au